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No visuals in the game?
Set the video game mode to "window" or "bordeless window

Can`t write memory

Remove vanguard, faceit.


You need it to not have the yellow reboot message.

If not helped:

  • Disable all in Windows Defender and reboot PC.
  • Disable hypervisor using "cmd", type in command prompt: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

"Run magic" hangs

Contact support

Where are the configs?

Configs can be found in My Documents\My Memes. You can also find backup configs there for several days in case your file gets corrupted.

How clean all traces?

Run loader, click on "..." in authorization page, click "Delete all traces".


Press the Insert menu button to show cheat menu, and press the End button to completely unload cheat.

Offset for patch not found

Delete all .pdb files in My Memes, if not work, contact admin and send winver


Disable hypervisor

BSOD when closing the game

Try unloading the cheat before closing the game to fix the issue.

BSOD on startup

  1. If you get a BSOD on startup or after a few minutes, run the cheat a little more than once per Windows session.
  2. Try waiting a couple of minutes after starting Windows.

BSOD - What to do?

  1. Try installing this version of Windows: 
  2. Try opening My Documents\My Memes\settings.json in Notepad and editing the "MagicNumber" value. Set a value from 4 to 256, preferably numbers that are divisible by 4: 2 -> 4 -> 16 -> 64 -> 128 -> 256
  3. Try opening My Documents\My Memes\settings.json in Notepad and editing the "MemoryCache" value. Set false or true.

BSOD If all of the above did not help

Download Windbg from Microsoft Store and run it as an admin. Open C:\Windows\Memory.dmp, click on the blue text "!analyze -v", wait for the result, copy all console log and send it to the admin.

Vulnerable driver is arleady loaded and Can`t connect to device, error: 5


Download process hacker, go to Services, stop and delete asio3 (asusgio3) or all asus drivers, reboot pc and play.


Loader is always trying to update

If your computer is infected with viruses, this may occur. However, you can ignore this by running loader.exe from the command line and adding any parameter.

Hardware ID mismatch

To resolve hardware ID mismatches, make the loader window active and press END. Copy the log from the console that appears and send it to the admin.

Context initialized for ***your hwid***



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For Apex Legends:
If the visuals are "slow" or there are a lot of BSODs you can also turn off everything related to the item esp and do not enter the firing range.

For Smite, Paladins:

If some functions do not work, try deleting all .pdb files from the My Memes folder.

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